The Most Appreciated!

I tell everyone I know so many times that I work at the best school.

This week proved it forever.

I really don’t need presents to feel appreciated – I get to work with an amazing staff of teachers, support staff, and administrators that make my job fun.  I get to teach awesome students who are constantly making me laugh and who really care about me.  I love my job so much.

But this week, I feel spoiled.  I am truly so lucky to work at Mid City.  Our non-teacher staff coordinated something for EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.  I almost cried many times because it was just SO NICE.

Monday: everyone received a Mid City ID/key holder!

Tuesday: They filled the staff lounge with treats – the entire table.  Just so many cookies.  One of our paras brought everyone a little solar powered dancing flower.

Wednesday: Breakfast was brought in.  A student brought all of the teachers in the building cupcakes that said “You Rock”.  Service learning students potted and gifted all of the teachers impatiens with a lovely poem attached.  They left more flower seeds in our mailboxes.  A student in my advisory chose me to write the appreciation notes I asked them to write to.

Thursday: Service Learning students delivered Mid City water bottles to each of us with a note – two students wrestled in my doorway to get to be the one to give me mine.  They brought in enchiladas for lunch.

Friday: A student baked every teacher cookies.  We got Mid City tote bags with pop inside and a cute note.


I feel overwhelmed with all the appreciation.  My coworkers are the BEST.  I love the culture of our school.  It’s been a good week.

Author: missmastalio

Math teacher at an alternative high school. Living the best life.

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