Guess Who’s Back?!

Man, I love my job.

That’s the refrain that keeps floating through my head this week as we are FINALLY back at school – yes, I loved my summer, but as soon as students walked back into the building I was ALL IN.

This week has been crazy, as all first weeks are (and it’s not even over), and we have a LOT of new staff this year so it’s seemed even more frenetic as we try to get them all on the same page with how things work here.

Of course, we kicked off the year with another fun video by the staff – welcoming all the students back by reminding them how weird we are. My sister thinks I have too much free time, but this falls under “other duties as assigned” at our school!

This year, I’m taking on the #Teach180 challenge of posting a picture from my classroom every day. I’m really excited because it will push me to make sure I’m doing at least one thing every day worthy of sharing with the world! Hopefully I’m doing that already…but we all know there are those days where it’s just same old, same old. I’m very stoked to get inspiration from others doing the challenge as well – I think I’ve already written down 3 or 4 ideas for activities just in the last two days!

My post yesterday included this activity I did with my advisory students – they each had to write 5 words to describe last school year, and 5 words they wanted to describe THIS school year. I’d like to do it again at the end of the year to see if their words came true.

I’m also going to take the #ObserveMe challenge, because this year is the year of challenges! Or something. We had a district observation challenge last year, and I loved observing other teachers at work all the time. It’s so inspiring to get out of your own room and see what else is happening in your building. So I guess that with me participating in the challenge, I’m hoping other teachers in my building will as well so that I can drop into their classrooms and hang out and get inspired! I’ve decided that my feedback goals for the challenge are going to be: helping students take effective notes, lesson closure, and students’ ability to explain what they’re learning. I’ve seen a few different ways teachers are inviting the feedback, and I’m choosing to put my email and twitter handles on the sign to let the observer choose.


Lots happening already, and I think I have some GREAT groups of students this year. I stayed up too late last night texting my friend who teaches across the state about Depth of Knowledge and Standards Based Grading, my head is just full of all sorts of ideas for this year, and the excitement. It is real.

Good to be back.

Author: missmastalio

Math teacher at an alternative high school. Living the best life.

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