Phrases for 2017

I’ve seen a number of different ways to set the tone for the new year around twitter. One word. Three words.

I’m going with phrases.

I posted to my friends as 2016 was ending that I had three goals for 2017.

  1. See 5 Seconds of Summer in concert more
  2. Not get pneumonia again
  3. Action over inaction

The third one was a throwaway thing my brain thought up because I thought, ‘I need to have something that seems serious on this list’. But the more I’ve thought about it…I’m claiming that as my phrase for 2017.


Action over inaction.

I’m the type of person that puts things off – especially all the adulty things like making phone calls for appointments, doing laundry, grocery shopping. I wait until I’m stressed out about it and can’t wait any longer. So action over inaction – make the call when you think of it. (I just called to order new contacts this morning, GO ME!)

I’m also the type of person that has, in the past, been very content being a bystander. I’m a member of a pretty privileged demographic (besides being a woman), and I’ve watched as LGBT, as black, as native, as any minority people have been oppressed. I’m going to stop watching. I’m going to say something. Do something.

Over break, my aunt and mom were talking about one of my mom’s cousins who has recently come out as transgender. They kept referring to her with her deadname and with male pronouns as they were talking, and old me was thinking, “it’s fine. They’re not doing it with bad intentions. They aren’t super informed on this issue and it’s okay.” The part of me that had been thinking of this whole action over inaction thing knew I had to say something, so I just said, “You know, you should really try to call her by her new name.” And guess what? Nothing exploded. No one was angry. My mom said something like “It’s hard, because I knew her for so long with the other name, but you’re right, I should try harder.” I know that the reaction probably won’t always be that good, but I’m done sitting by and letting people be treated poorly. I need to use my voice.

New ideas for my classroom? Do them. Don’t wait. Don’t say “maybe when I teach this unit next year” or “maybe this class isn’t ready.” Try it. See what happens.

This is also going to be an ongoing resolution maker of a phrase, because it means that every time I think of something I could do to improve myself…this is telling me to start it right away. Not to wait for some arbitrary start date like the first of the month or the end of the school year or spring break. If I think of it, it needs to get put into action.

(Like this blog post. I have barely blogged all school year, but I thought of this and I’m WRITING IT AND POSTING IT. Action.)

Now, I’m pretty scared of this phrase. Help hold me accountable.


The other phrase that I’m using to define this year comes from the fact that 2017 is a prime number.

Prime year, prime life.

It just means…make the most of this year. Find the positives. Celebrate the good things. Why shouldn’t an arbitrary year be the prime of my life? Why shouldn’t every year be the prime of my life? I’ve been attached to prime numbers since I found out what they were, and when I discovered that this year was a prime number, I just got excited. I’m going to try to keep that excitement up throughout 2017. Join me.

Author: missmastalio

Math teacher at an alternative high school. Living the best life.

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