It’s been…a week. I think it’s been a week for a lot of teachers across the country, but it was just, you know, one of those weeks at Mid City. A ton of our teachers sick, students restless, we’re in the bottom of the winter attendance pit, etc. Next week is going to be a rough one for some of our students and our staff as well, as it’s the birthday of our student who was killed this summer.

I need some positivity.


Katie Cotugno is a YA author whose works I have never read. (They’re on my infinite to-read list…) My friend Tedi however, who is a 6th grade Language Arts teacher on the other side of the state, is very into her. She often shares with me Cotugno’s comments on twitter, and participates in what has become one of my favorite twitter things – #5goodthings.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like – on Fridays or on whatever day you’re feeling down about things, post 5 good things in your life at the moment, to remind yourself of the ups when it feels like you’re drowning in the downs.

I’m making it my Friday opener for the students today, and so I thought I’d blog about mine to participate as well. Plus, like I said, I need it today.


  1. 2nd place at trivia 3 out of the last 4 weeks
  2. My Algebra 2 class and their penchant for calling each other “sweet dolphins” and their genuine love and care for each other
  3. A student coming in first thing this morning to show me pictures of another student’s newborn baby, born yesterday
  4. Snapchats, instagram posts, and tweets from 5 Seconds of Summer being back in the studio working on their third album
  5. Coworkers who will go out with you after school and just have an hour long vent session with no judgement

Author: missmastalio

Math teacher at an alternative high school. Living the best life.

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