I started teaching in 2013 after attending the University of Northern Iowa.

I teach in an environment with a large population of at-risk students and I’m very passionate about helping that population.

I am a model teacher for my district in the areas of Academic Feedback and Activities & Materials.

I am currently completing my Master’s at the University of Northern Iowa in Secondary Mathematics Teaching.

Right now, my class assignments are Foundations of Algebra (a skill recovery class for students not ready for Algebra 1), Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. All the algebra.

You may occasionally see my outside interests making appearances in posts, such as Harry Potter, the US soccer teams, UNI athletics, Green Bay Packers, reading, writing, traveling, 5 Seconds of Summer, attending concerts, baking, board games, and more!

I’m a Ravenclaw and an ISTJ – I love data and personality surveys and anything that helps me build my own understanding of myself.